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Seasonal/Touring Caravan & Camping


Park Rules of conduct and practise   Seasonal Touring Caravan Pitch


By pitching your caravan or tent here you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.


Noise & Music

No noise or music after 10.30pm & daytime noise and music must be at a reasonable volume. 



There is a maximum of TWO dogs per unit.

Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times including on a walk and kept on a short tether at the caravan or tent so they cannot reach children or passing pedestrians. 

Dog mess must be removed immediately and deposited in the bins by the dog owner.

Dogs are not allowed in the shower blockor picnic/ play area.

Dogs cannot be left alone in caravan or tent no matter how short the time. 

The park owner reserves the right to ask dog owners who fail to adhere to these rules to leave the park. 

The park reserves the right to refuse admission to dogs of a frightening nature.



All children under 16 must be supervised at all times. 

Children are not to play in or around the shower block or the stored caravans. Damaged caused will be charged and people may be asked to leave the site.

Cycling is permitted at walking pace. Safety helmets must be worn.

Please be respectful of your neighbours and ensure your children’s behaviour is respectful and appropriate.



The countryside is a natural play and relaxation area for adults and children. 

Reasonable visual checks are carried out on trees and ground cover along public rights of way, the drive and the camping/caravan areas. This is a countryside site and natural hazards must be expected and common sense must be used. Please do not knowingly disturb the wildlife, plant anything or leave litter. 



Electric hook-ups are not for domestic appliances, but for low voltage camping appliances only. Average 10 amp (240 volts)per hook up. Domestic heaters and appliances will trip the electric.

All hook ups must be unplugged each time you leave to enable us to cut the grass and for fire prevention. We will unplug caravans when necessary.


Fires, Fireworks & BBQ’S

Small open fires are allowed in the fire-pits with the park owners permission. Fire bucket must be full of water and positioned near the fire. Purpose-made barbeques and disposable BBQs are acceptable as long as they are kept off the ground.  Use of fireworks or Chinese lanterns is prohibited on the park.


Chemical toilets

To be emptied ONLY in the disposal point outside of the shower block on the left, please clean around the disposal point after use.


General Behaviour

We expect all guests to behave with respect for others and us on the site. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and will put you in breach of the licence.Littering is not tolerated

Fees & Booking

You can book with us by telephone: 01352 781908 or e-mail info@halkyncastlewood.com

Your seasonal pitch booking is secured upon receipt of a non-refundable £200 deposit or full payment. We have a range of payment methods but the balance of payment must be received by the 31st October.

Payments are accepted by cash, bank transfer or a standing order.

Guests with access or mobility concerns are advised to contact us at the time of booking.

Seasonal Caravan and touring prices include your pitch, one electricity hook up point, electric when you are staying on site, a car, awning, two adults (their children), use of shower block and the woods for recreation.



We reserve the right to re-advertise the pitch if the agreed payment method is not being met and remove your caravan into storage (a “Legal Lien” will be attached to the caravan, see storage T&Cs). If balance and any storage fee owed has not been paid, we will repossess the caravan.

We strongly recommend that clients talk to us if there are any difficulties.Worst case scenario the park managers can sell the caravan via The Tortes Interference with Goods Act 1977 to cover the outstanding arrears.


Part season pitches are not permitted. If you wish to leave the site prior to the 31stOctober, you will still be liable for the full payment. If existing clients do not wish to keep their pitch for the following year, please notify us before the 16thOctober. 


Clients are not permitted to sub-let, swap or sell-on their pitch without permission from the park managers.


Combat Games.

Weekends and occasional holiday days, paintball and airsoft games take place in the top woods. You are still able to use the public footpaths, however for your safety you must report to a Marshall or to the ‘safe area’ manager to ensure the game is halted or you are escorted through. Combat games are great fun and you are invited to join in the games. Contact park managers for a great discount.



Guests are requested to dispose of domestic waste onlyin the red wheelie bins. (bin store for cardboard only). Other waste should be taken home. ASH Waste sort our waste by hand and recycle; paper; plastic; metals & wood. From 2016items that cannot not be recycled are weighed and extra charges are applied to waste going to landfill this has increased our waste disposal budget by over 40%.


Car Parking & Vehicles

We operate a common sense policy on site. Please park your vehicle in accordance with this policy. It is essential that you don’t park on the grass when it is wet.All visitors’ cars must be parked on the hard standing by the shower block. All vehicles must be insured for third party liability while on the park.

The park max speed limit of 5mph and 10mphmust be observed at all times.



All property is left at owner’s risk. Insure your caravan and contents appropriately. We can provide details for a local insurance broker if you require it. Halkyn Castle Wood will not be responsible for damage to – or theft of or from – caravans, awnings, tents & vehicles left on site. The park owner is absolved of all liability for accidents, loss or damage to any person(s) or property howsoever caused.


Legal Contract

Your booking constitutes a legal contract and you are responsible for the full seasonal price.

Completion of a booking (in person, writing, online or telephone) is deemed as acceptance of these conditions.

Seasonal touring accommodation is for the exclusive use of the persons named at the time of booking for the period of 1stMarch to 31stOctober.

The park owner reserves the right to cancel or terminate an agreement or ask a guest to leave the park where a guest:

– has failed to disclose all material facts required by the booking process, or

– does not adhere to the park rules or creates a nuisance.

In these circumstances the park owners shall not be under any liability to the person(s) involved and shall be discharged from their obligations. No refunds will be given.

The accommodation and facilities are used entirely at guests’ own risk. 


Our biggest costs are electricity and waste disposal. An increase in costs leads to an increase in seasonal rent. Please switch everything off when you’re not in the van and be conscientious with your waste. 


Privacy Note. Your details, provided by you, are retained by the proprietors for the purpose of contacting you in relation to your seasonal pitch. Your details will be kept for the period of your stay and will not be shared with any third parties.


Storage of caravan (boat / car / recreational vehicle)


All stored caravans must be secured as per the conditions of the insurance policy of the stored caravan / boat / car / recreational vehicle.


Storage Clients must ring, text or email us providing a time they wish to bring their caravan on/off site, 24 hours notice is required. If client is running late contact us ASAP with an updated ETA.


All windows and doors to remain locked during the period on the site.


All caravans / boats/ cars/ recreational vehicles

  • must be insured and kept insured during the period of storage.

  • and the allocated plot area must be kept tidy and no litter left behind.

  • are to be parked correctly within the allocated plot.

  • must not be inhabited during the storage period time


If you wish to sell your caravan, it is not permitted for you to advertise the site location. If you wish to arrange for someone to view, you must arrange it with the proprietors and be present for the viewing.


Repairs may be carried out with the permission of the proprietor


Rent is payable in advance every 12 weeks or monthly in advance by Standing Order, the proprietor has the right to alter the rental by giving due notice to plot holder. No refunds are given.


In the event of the storage fee being over-due by 6 months a “Legal Lien” will be attached to the caravan and will remain in force until the arrears are settled in full or the “Lien” is other wise discharged.


In the event of a negative response to notification of the Lien, Legal action will be taken to sell the caravan via The Tortes Interference with Goods Act 1977. The outstanding arrears will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale, as will any costs incurred. Any remaining balance will be retained to await your collection for a period of 6 months. The proprietor warrants that he / she will seek to attain the best price available on current market value.


By leaving your caravan / boat/ car/ recreational vehicles here you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and this agreement. The plot holder warrants that he/she has both ownership and legal title in the stored goods namely the caravan.


In the performance of this contract of bailment the proprietor will at all times act with due diligence in providing secure storage.


The proprietor excludes all liability for loss or damaged by whatever cause where the means employed are in excess of the duty of due diligence.


Any changes to details provided by plot holder in this agreement must notify the proprietor without any undue delay. 


Privacy Note. Your details, provided by you, are retained by the proprietors for the purpose of contacting you in relation to your storage. Your details will be kept for the period of storage and will not be shared with any third parties.


If you have been successful in securing a seasonal pitch please use the attached form to indicate that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions and select payment method you would prefer to use.

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