Caravan Storage

  • Storage spaces available.

  • Barrier security and cameras at the entrance

  • Convenient access to your van 

  • Easy to arrange drop-off and pick-up and family live on site

  • Prepare your caravan on site for your trip

  • We'll even park the van for you if you wish

  • Cut down on the stress of towing and store nearer to your holiday destination. 

Minimum 3 month storage

£30 per month by standing order


Free up some space - move your caravan off your drive now? We've got some spaces....

A great location to access North Wales

All year round storage

We’ve been storing for 25 years 


Storage Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Storage of caravan (boat / car / recreational vehicle)


All stored caravans must be secured as per the conditions of the insurance policy of the stored caravan / boat / car / recreational vehicle.


Storage Clients must ring, text or email us providing a time they wish to bring their caravan on/off site, 24 hours notice is required. If client is running late contact us ASAP with an updated ETA.


All windows and doors to remain locked during the period on the site.


All caravans / boats/ cars/ recreational vehicles must be insured and kept insured during the period of storage.


All caravans / boats / cars / recreational vehicles and the allocated plot area must be kept tidy and no litter left behind.


All caravans / boats / cars / recreational vehicles are to be parked correctly within the allocated plot.


If you wish to sell your caravan, it is not permitted for you to advertise the site location. If you wish to arrange for someone to view, you must arrange it with the proprietors and be present for the viewing.


Caravans must not be inhabited during the storage period time.


Repairs may be carried out with the permission of the proprietor


Rent is payable in advance every 12 weeks or monthly in advance by Standing Order, the proprietor has the right to alter the rental by giving due notice to plot holder


In the event of the storage fee being over due a “Legal Lien” will be attached to the caravan and will remain in force until the arrears are settled in full or the “Lien” is other wise discharged.


In the event of a negative response to notification of the Lien, Legal action will be taken to sell the caravan via The Tortes Interference with Goods Act 1977. The outstanding arrears will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale, as will any costs incurred. Any remaining balance will be retained to await your collection. The proprietor warrants that he / she will seek to attain the best price available on current market value.


By entering into this agreement the plot holder warrants that he/she has both ownership and legal title in the stored goods namely the caravan.


In the performance of this contract of bailment the proprietor will at all times act with due diligence in providing secure storage.


No refunds are given.


The proprietor excludes all liability for loss or damaged by whatever cause where the means employed are in excess of the duty of due diligence.


Any changes to details provided by plot holder in this agreement must notify the proprietor without any undue delay.