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Noticing things

I love this time of year for its ability to draw your attention to the new life emerging through the mud and leaves and puddles of winter. Its that reminder that the nights will get lighter, warmer weather is on the way and we’ll be able to tend-to and play in our gardens. Its uplifting especially when we have storms back to back.

I felt really overwhelmed today with the site opening next week, lists of jobs to do, financial pressures, storm damage, messy 1/2 term house, building work, worrying about a few people who are struggling at the moment and then to top it all off, impending war... my word when I write all that down its no wonder I’m overwhelmed.

So what did I do? I went out and bumbled around the garden. I coppiced some willow to make hoops for spring wreath making in a few months. I lay in my damp hammock and watched the canopy of trees until I couldn’t feel my fingers and I took photos of some of the signs of strength, hope and better times to come that those little signs of spring represent.

And, the overwhelm lifted. 30 mins in the garden and I can breath more calmly and there’s less tension in my body, the headache has eased and I’ve reminded myself of the importance of pausing, breathing and noticing.....

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