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I’m a teenager, get me out of here

Updated: Feb 24

Apparently teenagers disconnect from nature around the age of 12 or 13 for a few years. Suspiciously around the time that they get moodier and appear more self absorbed and grunt answers at you (yes I have one!). Anyway there’s been some studies that suggest that this disconnect from nature exacerbates the symptoms of being a teenager.

We all know that ‘being' in nature gives us a huge boost to our physical and mental wellbeing, thats why I can’t stop talking about it. So it make sense that if you disconnect, you get the opposite - a drop in wellbeing.....

I know it is hard to get them (teenager) out, but once out in the woods, on the beach, on a hill or even in the garden, that time is doing them the world of good. (and you, once the moaning stops!).

If you're interested there’s load of information out there. Nature deficit disorder, a term coined by Richard Louv talks about it and the book Nature Fix is a fantastic tome of knowledge.

With this in mind if you or anyone you know has a teenager our new events might be just what they need. A series of bushcraft days, carefully designed for 13 - 16 years olds ‘I’m a teenager get me out of here”. They will build outdoor skills, resilience, friendships, confidence and have great fun. And to showcase what they have achieved they can take part in the ‘Make a den and sleep in it’ overnight challenge in August.

I’m so excited to plan and run these days with Gaz and the team.

Check them out here https://www.halkyncastlewood.com/events

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