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Honouring ourselves with the seasons

I’m very excited to release the dates of our eight wheel of the year witchy woodland wellbeing campfires. I have been leading sessions like this for many years and honouring the seasons myself helps with my connection to nature, a simpler life and lifts my spirit and soothes my soul. These exclusive gatherings will be magical, rejuvenating and creative sessions to gift to yourself or someone you love.

The dates roughly follow our ancestors seasonal celebrations and offer an opportunity to discuss what these celebrations would have meant to our ancestors and what they mean to us. I will invite you to join me in an activity that may involve, crafting, cooking, moving, foraging, connecting or noticing. We will drink warm drinks, cook with the things we find, gaze to the fire, breathe and reenergise.

Lunch will be as nourishing and seasonal as the woods we bathe in.

I look forward to welcoming you

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