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Gifting yourself time in nature

I am extremely grateful to be able to wake up and venture into my ‘office’- our Cherry Fire Circle today, surrounded by - you guessed it - Cherry Trees.

There is something mindful, empowering and even ancestral about preparing and lighting a fire. This is not just any fire, this is our centrepiece, the hearth, the focus, the warmth and the heat for our brews and pasta.

Everyone arrived full of the usual anxieties that the morning had thrown at them. Heads full of the journey, to do lists, plans and guilt for doing something for themselves.

We talked, ate, read, walked, breathed, foraged, shared and ate again.

Our theme today was ’Shaping our post-lockdown vision’, discussing our values, what makes us happy, what do we need to free ourselves from and what does our ‘happiness’ look like?

The sun shone, the birds sang, we laughed, we learned things and everyone left lighter, calmer and connected to themselves, nature and their futures.


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